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slipstream SP3 into RISSetup

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I've a windows 2003 server with RIS/WDS running on it.

It's a flat (image) RIS structure with windows xp sp2, everything is standart.

Now i've been trying to slipstream SP3 with the following command :

C:\sp3\i386\update\update.exe /integrate:D:\RIS\Setup\English\Images\WINDOWS

Unfortunately I'm getting the error msg :

This service pack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrate software updates.

Consult the service pack documentation for more detail about supported integration scenarios.


The documentation does not mention what should be done in this case.

In attachement you'll find my RIS tree structure


Does anyone have a idee how I could solve the problem ?

Thanks for any feedback


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The service pack check for previously slipstreamed post-SP2 updates. In particular it searches for a \I386\SVCPACK directory. If this directory exists SP3 will give you that message.

You will need to revert back to a plain vanilla SP1 or SP2 distribution in the \I386 directory before you can slipstream SP3.

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The way I got around this was to clear out the svcpack folder

in the i386 folder locate svcpack.inf

edit it and remove the hotfix entries

save file

compress the file to svcpack.in_ using cant remember name of utility that does this offhand

delete svcpack.inf

SHould be able to slipstream afterwards

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