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Bullzip PDFPrinter (with Ghostscript 8.62) completly silent


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Hi folks,

I've made another little tiny script (like used by my Antivir8-AOM) for the Bullzip PDFPrinter, which seems to be a good alternative for the also free available PDFCreator as some people said, it has better results in quality and size of the produced PDFs!

What does the script do?

  1. First it asks if you would like to create only a 7Zip-SFX-archive (for the use with WPI, Xplode or simply silent-installation) or an nLite-/RyanVM-addon.
  2. Then it downloads two little TXT-files from my server including the always up-to-date URLs for downloading Bullzip PDFPrinter and Ghostscript (needed for Bullzip).
  3. After this the both setups are downloaded, extracted and re-compressed as a 7Zip-SFX with silent-parameters (and the Bullzip-icon ;)) and optionally an nLite-/RyanVM-addon is built.

The PDFPrinter installs to %programfiles%, Ghostscript to %systemroot%\GS.

Here you can download the script: Bullzip PDFPrinter

Maybe I will modify the script to let you choose if you would like to install only Bullzip PDFPrinter (where Ghostscript HAS to be installed, because otherwise the installer wants to download it!), only Ghostscript or both together (status-quo).

I would be really glad about your feedback!

Made: 17.05.2008, MD5-Checksum: D78C7A4E963AAF708D4FE6A93CD5BE21

Best regards

cool400 B)

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Hi cool400,

I was going to download and install ghostscript and bullzip pdf individually. I didn't know off the top of my head how to do a silent install of ghostscript so I figured I would try out your script. Thanks!


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I did it like that:

Install ghostscript once, copy the created GS folder to the install DVD into the Bullzip subdirectory (e.g. \Bullzip\GS). In the Bullzip diretory resides the downloaded setup file (i.e. BullzipPDFPrinter.exe).

Install using BullzipPDFPrinter.exe /sp- /silent /norestart /noicons

Thats it.

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