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Bet This is the Easiest Way to Create Addon ;):D


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hi all people there this is my first topic i have read a lot of creating addons with all kinds off progs here in this forum and got lost finally coz of all used programs and ways then i said i will use my own way... but before i start i wanna ask the PROs here in this forum about their opinions and maybe they can help me further more


Get Install Right v2.5c and install it ...


Take a manual snapshot of ur system using Install Right v2.5c


Install ur software ( only one application by each snapshot )


Analyze the taken snapshot using install it..


go to : review installation


click on the installation name and press KIT

( this will create a silent installation file ( exe ) that will install the application silently )

put this file in a standalone folder and name it what ever u want to.


install nlite addon maker and create an addon by pointing the nlite maker to the folder of the previous file


now u have created a .cab file that contains a silent install of the application u want


integrate the .cab file into the windows installation file using nlite windows setup editor.

thats all folks

waitin any answer from any1 who has tried this way out and sure welcomming all comments especially z PRO's ones :w00t:

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It is an easy way, however when I create installers I like to make them as clean as possible, using this method if you don't delete the useless reg entries and temp files that are created during the install and by other processes running on the machine they are installed on the target machine, not a biggie just a bit messy.

Some programs also install files to the users app data which is fine if it is intended for personal use but if you share with others or install on other machines some of the files may not be found. Another thing is if you want to register the program for a completely automated install I have seen some programs, one I can think of is FlashFXP, that generate random codes from various info from the system\user or machine and the registration code.

Apart from the above I think InstallRight is a useful app and I personally use it when I want to try and create an Inno Installer from other installer types or to test the differences between my versions and newer ones as they are released.

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