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  1. I wonder if it is possible to introduce a small thing into WUD, i suggest to add a file checker script where it checks the files to be downloaded if they have already been downloaded to a specific location thus avoiding to re-download everything again when the internet connection is being restarted or even when a system is restarted it just continues downloading from the last file it has not downloaded, also if it is possible to add a small download manager inside the software where we can continue or pause downloads i know to much to be asking for but really the first suggestion will save a lot of time waiting ur answer o FIRE
  2. hi mhrlive well first 10x for ur time and post , well like UTCOLLECTOR said it might not work on all programs since some programs write registry values for specific users but it can be solved just need some steps to be done like , if these reg values for specific users arnt necessary u can just delete them and try them on another clean windows if it works it all good if not then we must use some other ways like the normal cab file maker and nlite like posted somewhere else ... and like i said i might have a better way by using autoscripts but in using a script writer much more easier than AutoIt , but idd like to make some tests yet before i publish it here .... And thanks again for ur congratulations , i just wanna say , what u hear on news isnt that quiet clear we all know media today is being played around with politicians , i can tell u as for me , my friends are still my brother no matter what their religion is or their political view and thats the most of the lebanese people opinion regardless to what others hear or see in media byez
  3. i wonder if there is a way to start wpi during windows installation like before the installation ends wpi pops up and i have to select what i want to install ? waitin any reply thanks guys
  4. ok thanks i got z answer it also configures the files in WPI
  5. i mean what does it do this addon 2 wpi ? all what o saw it extracts the cab folder right ?
  6. it just extracts the cab file right ????
  7. hi guys , well first thank you for the links , they are pretty cool and interesting but i have two questions hope u can help me with 1st: i was asking if there is a way to choose what addon to install during the windows xp setup process ? not after the end of install ( although its pretty cool too ) 2nd: whats the use of addon2wpi ? as much as i saw it just extracts the cabinet file ? am i right ? waitin any help 10x again for ur time
  8. well first 10x for ur reply and second whats that exactly wpi ? can u explain further more ....
  9. hi all guys , i have a question it might sound like a stupid one but am gonna ask it lets start I wonder if there is a way where i can add all addons that i have to one cd but during the windows setup it asks me which add on to install ? i hope i can get some answers soon thanks for ur time guys
  10. cann u tell us how to add the serial number also silently ?
  11. hey guys sorry for my question but can any1 give us some screenshots how to make the sfx file with the commands coz i cant where i have to write down the command ?
  12. hey man i just wanna say , th this way might be the easiest one , and besides some other users agreed to that and besides man , well fiding silent switch for all applications is not that easy i tried all ways possible ways besides man , registering applications with the way u prvided is much harder , so if u dont mind can u plz show us a way to extract all silent keys for all applications and registering them ? thanks again for ur comment and waiting ur answers guys
  13. hi guys sorry for not bein here almost all the time , we are facing some problems in our country by now , anyways like eddie11013 said , thats the easy way to do it , but if any1 wants i can repack some of my applications and send screenschots to this cool community here , by now am trying to integrate office 2003 silent installer but nothing till yet anyone has a good idea ? p.s: i might have found another easy way to make autoscripts its even much easier than AutoIT and i can bet u all when i finish it completely ill get back and send some screenshots for both the installrite way and the autoscript way hope any1 can help me by now with the office2003 cab file heheh ill try it now in another ways waiting any suggestion from all people out there byez
  14. hi all people there this is my first topic i have read a lot of creating addons with all kinds off progs here in this forum and got lost finally coz of all used programs and ways then i said i will use my own way... but before i start i wanna ask the PROs here in this forum about their opinions and maybe they can help me further more 1st: Get Install Right v2.5c and install it ... 2nd: Take a manual snapshot of ur system using Install Right v2.5c 3rd: Install ur software ( only one application by each snapshot ) 4th: Analyze the taken snapshot using install it.. 5th: go to : review installation 6th: click on the installation name and press KIT ( this will create a silent installation file ( exe ) that will install the application silently ) put this file in a standalone folder and name it what ever u want to. 7th: install nlite addon maker and create an addon by pointing the nlite maker to the folder of the previous file 8th: now u have created a .cab file that contains a silent install of the application u want 9th: integrate the .cab file into the windows installation file using nlite windows setup editor. thats all folks waitin any answer from any1 who has tried this way out and sure welcomming all comments especially z PRO's ones

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