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HELPPP! Yet another IE7 versus SP3 integration!


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Ok Guys, final version is definitely out and downloadable from Technet. Seeing the signature in the files, they are ready since 14th April and just released officially 6th May.



SP3 needs to come FIRST or AFTER, IE7??

I have heard some saying that you should integrate IE7 first and only then SP3.

But I read also that some are integrating SP3 and then after that IE7.

Which case is true?

Scenario is: SP2 Clean Retail/VLK source, not OEM source.

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for what i read... it looks like the latest IE7 download is updated and doesnt't need the cumulative patches?

anyone can confirm this?


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Totally old file. (At least Turkish version is totally old version. All files included in setup are still same.) 7.0.5730.13

Last Cummulative update comes with 7.0.6000.20772. Still need that update.

Silly jokes from MS.

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Guys, I have the new nLite - 1.4.5 Final. I tried slipstreaming final SP3 (which I downloaded yesterday) first, then adding the IE7 (which again I downloaded yesterday in case they had updated something), and a hotfix for that (IE7-WindowsXP-KB947864-x86-ENU - I found through the Updates Page that I needed only this after the IE7 installation), and following up with WMP11 and a hotfix for that (WindowsXP-KB941569-x86-ENU - Again, I found through the Updates Page that I needed only this after the WMP11 installation).

Guess what? My installation fails. But if I do the SP3 by itself without the IE7 & WMP11, things are fine.

Am I missing out on some trick here?




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ok, I splistreamed SP3 into SP2 clean source and integrated IE7. I use foobar2000 so WMP for me is utter crap. Everything went smoothly, installation and so on... I think the issues are lying under the "hotfixes" patches integration for IE7 and WMP11.

It is just too much work to select some settings in nLite specially tunings and services. I suggest that pre-sets are included in nLite... The accounts/network and other stuff are fun to configure. But tuning the shell and services is a real pain.

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