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Running SFC /scannow from HD?


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On my old PC (OEM supplied XP Home, 6 years old) I can run sfc /scannow with no CD. But on my new PC, from same OEM (MESH, UK), I am asked to insert the 'XP Pro SP 2 disk'. I only have the MESH Recovery CD and that didn't work until I made an identical copy of it and used that! So that's the first question: does that mean it's a flawed CD? If so, how can the copy apparently work?

Anyway, after making an 'identical' copy (and verifying it in the process), it seems I can now run sfc. Very slowly. Darned if I can recall how I set it up 6 years ago to use the HD instead. Presumably I copied some/all files from the recovery CD to a folder on the HD? But which files, and to which folder?


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

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You need to copy I386 folder anywhere to HDD, and then to adjust the path in registry. I can not remember which key. Use Google to find out.

Cheers ;)

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it's likely the path it's looking for is d:\i386

look for that in the registry, copy i386 from the disc to say C:\i386 and change the registry to reflect that, also, disable antivirus etc when copying (or when scanning) will be a lot faster

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