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to integrate *.msi installer


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  • 3 weeks later...

where are all?

is it not possible?

I have tried adding it as a hotfix and ignoring it if its not a real patch but it didnt work.

So what i did was i created a new folder in the CD directory and put all my junk programs there.

Than "Run Once" tab you can create a command that will start the installation of the MSI or any other package you may have in this directory.

I personally created a number or WinRar Self extracting files with basic parameters such as (extract to temporary folder) and Run a batch file that i have created to setup this program (i used batch only if the program is an MSI package, that way i can make it go /quite "silent install")

Or when the extraction is complete, you can specify the Run After Extract. It will automatically start what ever file you use to start setup process .

Make sure that what ever the command u make for a setup file, you can not use names that have SPACE in them.

%SOURCE%\My Folder\My File.msi /quiet is not gonna work.

%SOURCE%\MyFolder\MyFile.msi /quiet is better

If you need some files to be copied else where, use the folowing line as an example.

Assuming you need a file to go into your future system32 folder.

copy %SOURCE%\MyFolder\MyFile.dll %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\System32

Need to copy a folder and all files in it ?

mkdir %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\System32\MyFolder

Xcopy %SOURCE%\MyFolder %SYSTEMDRIVE%\Windows\System32\MyFolder

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