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Vista Loading Stuff After Startup


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After disable some service.. vista start loading some stuff for like 3 mins.. i have no ideal what it's loading.. i tried reenable all service i disable.. but it did not help.. anyone one help?

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Disable the Superfetch service.

Disable only if you use your computer for gaming but you should experience yourself.

I would leave superfetch enabled. Yes, when you first turn your computer on it is going to be loading stuff for a couple minutes, but remember that it makes programs launch faster and the superfetch process runs at the lowest possible priority (ie everything else takes priority).

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in vista there is a new start type for services that allow a service to be "delayed" to help free up resources at boot up, problem is depending what applications are loading on your machine you could be causing your self issues with the delayed started. what applications start up on your machine?

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