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[XP] Sysprepping a WIM image


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Here's a question for you guys. I currently have an XP image for a notebook. This notebook model seems to have some problems with the integrated NIC, whereas sometimes it does not recognise that the ethernet cable is connected during boot. In each case where PXE responds with a "Media Disconnected" message, after it boots into Windows, the NIC works properly. I am guessing that this is a problem with how the NIC is controlled during the boot process of the computer.

However, the reason for this question is that the WIM I had made (originally) is of a completed XP Pro install in Factory mode. While I am able to deploy it using WDS to new machines, it is on a count-down timer. There are now less than 20 days left in the activation timer.

I wanted to know if it were possible to sysprep the image in the WIM without deploying it to the machine. My issue with the machine is that I can deploy it, sysprep it, but can't reupload it back to the WDS Server in any reliable fashion. By sysprepping the image, I would be able to use it past the 30 day activation period, as Sysprep will reset the grace period.

So, does anyone know the best method for sysprepping the image in offline editing mode? I am very familiar with mounting the image with the PE Tools Command Prompt. The other option could be to use VPC2007, but I do not know how to set up a hardware profile for the VM to use. Anything regarding either of these topics will be valid for this thread.


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Maybe you can use this utility: Offline Sysprep

It's called offlie sysprep and it should work fine if you mount the WIM in R/W. Hopefully this helps you out.

I will check that out in the future. For this specific instance I found an extra notebook to put a HDD into and sysprep it.

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