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Reason for IOBIT move to other forum? Applies to win2k


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I came across this free disk defragger that works on Win 2K and XP.

It's nice for WIN 2K since Win2K doesn't allow one to run defrag under the

OS scheduler unless one gets jkdefrag.

The program is free IOBIT Defragger at iobit.com

It allows one to do a defrag using it's scheduler or to do auto defrag in the

background and only do this based on a CPU % threshold value not being

exceeded. I have it running on Win 2K and XP and it constantly monitors

the system to see when it can do a disk defrag and keep the disk constantly

defragged. I presume it's running some sort of kernel memory module

vs. a windows service like www.dirms.com does.

Try it out and see what you think.... :thumbup

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Why was the IOBIT thread moved to sw hangout forum?

The reason I posted here in win 2k is because:

a). Win 2K has a very poor defragging program due to no scheduling capability

which IOBIT has.

b ). IOBIT can defrag on-the-fly/on-demand. DIRMS uses another method.

Thus, if a new person is looking for defrag solutions to Win 2K (like me at one time),

one would come to this forum to search and look for solutions as a result of a lack of

functionality with Win 2K which one expects (because XP has it).

I could see if it was a user software application and it wasn't geared to a Win 2K

solution that it would be moved, but in this case it was an OS utility replacement for

WIn 2k.

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I moved it because it's software, and can run on OSes other than W2K. I'll create a link to that from here, but it doesn't belong here specifically when there's a forum more suited for this sort of thing.

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