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Check Your IP From Behind A Router


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Anyone have any idea how to get your external IP address from a command line when your behind a router? I saw on some linux forums how to get around to doing that but... no luck with XP? Any clues or .exe's you can save/run to do this? Thanks...

btw lol has to be in a command line....

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i cant get telnet to open a connection with www.whatismyip.com on port 80 or any other port >.< is this just my computer being stupid or am i typing it wrong...

method 1

telnet www.whatismyip.com 80

method 2

telnet (enter)
open www.whatismyip.com 80 (enter)

lol ?

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figured out what the problem is but no solution lol..

i "can" telnet into it and connect but what i type doesnt show up and when i send the GET command it goes through but nothing shows up after i hit enter.

if i telnet to the site and hit enter it comes up with bad command error, but if i telnet into the server and enter the GET command the cursor goes to the next line so the command went through. if i hit enter after that it comes up bad command error...

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ok got it working lol

telnet www.whatismyip.com 80 (enter)

GET /automation/n09230945.asp HTTP/1.1 ^j Host:whatismyip.com ^j^j

works :thumbup :thumbup

Thank you Mijzelf for your patients and help!!!!

Now next step is figure out a way to copy that to a text file lol >.<

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