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Run a script on start up..

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Is there a way to run a script the very first time a user logs into a computer? What I need to do is run a security script on the users account the very first time they log in.... I need to do this on the local machine... they will not be logging into a domain....

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I have the same problem but what I need to do is to display a warning everytime a user logon to the network or local a/c. So, where how should the script wrtten and where should I put the file????

thanks in advance for the help!!!!!

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I would also like information on how to have a warning displayed on each login for every account, as I have a stupid task I must manually do once the system has successfully logged on a user. I need to have a system warning message announce to the users to adjust vidoe card speeds and fan speeds as eVGA sucks and released a video card that does not automatically run at 2D clocks and fan speed is fixed. This message is critical for as if the user's on login do not alter these settings manually, they may brick my video card if they launch right into an intensive 3D game for hours on end.

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Maybe I wasnt clear... I know about runonce... but what I need to do is have a script that runs the very first time a user logs into the machine.... so if I create a new user and then go to log into that users account it needs to run the script one time.. so fr every new user it needs to run the script..... is there a way to do that?

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You could place it in the startup folder and use a batch file to delete the shortcut when it runs.

startup batch.bat

start %homedrive%\script.vbs
del "%homedrive%\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Start Up\Script.Ink"
REM You may need the silent delete switch
del %homedrive%\script.vbs
del %homedrive%\batch.bat

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