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How to apply regtweaks for ALL users ?

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I run the regtweaks during unattend installation, but I seem to get only 1 of the regtweaks to be activated over all users.. (disable UAC )

I have via autounattend.xml created 4 users and I think I am "administrator" during setup.

But after restart and login by administrator the regtweaks are not set "?

The settings in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, are there different settings in registry as of which user are logged in ?

Is the UAC active during the unattended installation ? is it UAC who does not permit my regtweaks ?

What am I doing wrong ?

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Only the current user. Each time Windows loads it loads the C:\Documents and Settings\USER\NTuser.dat which is the reg settings and each user has his own.

If you modify the Default User settings then whatever you do there will apply to all Users.

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