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Safe to remove components?


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i sometimes notice no performance increase and in fact some BSoD (for my XP x64 SP2) just after install... no offence meant, but frankly i notice this. this is probably not a nLite problem, just that maybe i remove some components that i shouldn't? is there any1 with a safe to remove components?

i have attached my LAST_SESSION maybe some1 can see if i removed anything i shld not.

i also noticed a non-nlited XP x64 SP2 seem to not need me to manually install my SD card reader driver while my nLited XP needs. and also COMODO Firewall 3 produced Bug reports here and there, tho it still works. some1 here told me its not a good idea to remove components with nLite but i think its really useful, except sometimes i wastes more time...

can i safely say that these are safe to remove?

- Applications

- Drivers (except those i need of course)

- Keyboards

- Languages

and Tweaks & Unattended sections shld not make anything crash? or are all these because i am using XP x64? i noticed much more errors in 64 bit? maybe i shld not remove too much things for XP 64?


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Guest surdulicaa

i have the similar problem...

my nlited xp x64 sp2 installation goes ok, but after installation, when win starts to load, it just keep rebooting...


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