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I have slipstreamed Ultimate and Home version but have problem when I installed it. About 50% of the installation went through and aborted with an error code 800703E6.

This is what I did. I launched Vlite and clicked browse to select the folder where the RTM is saved. It then recognized and displayed the details. Then I went into Task and selected slipstream that activated the Slipstream button. When clicked on it a menu popped up to choose the version to slip stream. I chose Ultimate and finished the whole process. Then I closed Vlite and launched again went through the same steps and chose Home edition and closed Vlite.

Again launched Vlite to remove components. At this point which version I have to choose ? I want to remove only Printer drivers and languages. Anyway, I chose Ultimate, since without choosing one I can't go further. After removing the component, I chose "Rebuild all" and then burn it directly into a DVD. I booted it and went through "Copying Window files", then 47% of the "Expanding files" and then aborted with an error.

Are these steps correct?

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Maybe it got corrupted.

If you find the will try recopying clean DVD, slipstream. Backup that.

Then configure and test in virtual pc. Instead of 'Rebuild All' 'Rebuile One' is better since all you need is that one slipstreamed version.

If it fails again then test just slipstreamed without any config (just enable create iso page). If that works attach your failed preset and I will try it.

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Thanks Nuhi.

After slipstreaming more than one version and then we relaunch the Vlite we have to choose the version before going into the removal of components.

So, which version do we have to choose at that point when there are more than one version has slipstreamed?

I slipstreamed Ultimate and Home Premium versions and then installed it in a Virtual machine, it works no problem.

But one made after the component removal didn't work. When removed components, I had to choose one version, that is where the problem. This part is not clear for me. Do I have to choose each version one after another again to remove the components?

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Choose the one which you want to configure.

If it fails let me know which and attach the preset (last session.ini in the root after removals). But first retry it because extraction issues are mainly because of corruption.

It can be safer to slipstream only one version and when Applying choose Rebuild One.

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