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how to make a xp bootable usb


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Hello Alls. .. i am new here .. i need a help. My problem is that i am trying to boot from usb but its creating many errors... well i tried different ways..

here i want to say first that my i have GCNL intel motherboard completely supporting usb boot and having corsair 2 gb flash drive ... for making is boot able 1st i format it using FAT system by HP USB DISK STORAGE FORMAT TOOL after that i copy three bot files from main root of C: named as boot.ini ntdlr and ntdetect.com and copy to flash root then i used a third party software named as BartPE follow the instruction and make a boot able usb .. after completing when i boot my system .. as it start booting there is a black screen with blinking courser nothing else no more activity ..

now on other hand i use BartPE bulit command for making boot files on my usb called as pe2usb -f <usb drive> when i complete this there was 4 files in my usb named as winnt.isf ntdetect ntdlr and BartPE.iso, after completing the procedure i tried again to boot my system from usb but this time the error was different .. it boots from usb but there was 2 lines on a black screen

remove distake or other media

press any key to restart

as i press any key the system runs no normal mood as normaly xp boots from C drive ..

in short i tried alot but unable to get success

now i need ur help kindly guide me for this ..

looking fwd for replies ..

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