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Latest Service Pack. 2 or 3?

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current one is SP2, it came out roughly a year ago (maybe two)

Windows 2003 and 64bit have the same service pack (more or less), so they get released at the same time

SP2 for 32bit xp is very old, and SP3 is out soon for that

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We all know that 32bit SP3 is now available.

However, is SP3 64bit available as yet?


Windows XP SP3 is for x86 editions of Windows XP only. The x64 editions of Windows XP were serviced by

Windows Server 2003 SP2. For additional information, go to Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2.

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Windows XP x86 is built from the Windows XP x86 OS tree, and is serviced up to Service Pack 3 currently. Windows XP x64, while keeping the "XP" name, is really built from the Windows Server 2003 tree and as such is serviced with Server 2003, not XP. Server 2003 is at Service Pack 2, so XP x64 is at Service Pack 2 as well. When Server 2003 gets a Service Pack 3, XP x64 will get the same service pack.

Even though they're both called "Windows XP", they are not built from the same OS build tree, and as such will have different service packs that are not compatible with each other (you can't install XP x86 SP3 on XP x64, and you cannot install XP x64 SP2 on XP x86, for example).

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