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Anyone know nvlddmkm.sys?


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I think on my other box I keep getting a bluescreen with this file listed because I have a modified bios on my old 7900gtx and the tighter security measures have allowed nvidia to close the bios performance increase hole because they use the same cores on all their cards and then control the lesser models with onboard ram, drivers, and id resisitors. Nvidia must have learned of the bios editing, and Microsoft and all thier hardware companies have colluded to shutdown user tweaked performance. See the way I think the game works is Microsoft imposes stricter standards that cost more for certification and then the hardware companies can close tweak performance security holes and pay Microsoft for these more expensive certifications because then the OS acts as an umbrella to force hardware upgrades(artificial demand) aka the problems we are seeing in all the Vista drivers like Nvidia and Creative who have been pretending they cant code a Vista driver when the reality is they are just playing stupid, and they want the drivers to look unfinished so they can blame incompatibility with older cards on code technicality and force people off old hardware on their move to Vista.

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