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[Release] Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control


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Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control x64 Addon

Microsoft Update Catalog is a site that allows you to manually download any update by searching for it by it's knowledgebase id. It will allow you to search for for updates with the same knowledgebase id on different versions of windows. The Microsoft Update Catalog is located at http://update.catalog.microsoft.com

This addon slipstreams the Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control into Windows XP x64 SP2.

Note that upon visiting the Microsoft Update Catalog for the first time, the default security settings of Internet Explorer will prompt you to RUN the control. Do not be fooled by the warning, and think it is asking you to install, it is not. Once you accept this, you will need to exit Internet Explorer, and re-visit the site for it to allow you enter. This will only occur the first time you visit the site.

Language: English

File Size: 67.79 KB

MD5: 71d88e67fa34e1ebccb06761a55e748f

Download: MediaFire

EDIT: Just realized a typo in the entries.ini .. I have fixed it and reuploaded it. The link now points to the fixed one.

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