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Install wont recognize SATA drivers

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My windows xp pro recently became unrecoverable due to registry problems so I tried reformatting and reinstalling. I have one 80gig SATA hard drive and before this registry problem everything worked fine so I am sure all the hardware is in fine shape.

I zero'd the disk and put in my XP Pro SP2 installation CD (the SP2 was slipstreamed) but after I press F8 to agree to the license/terms page, I reach the menu where I would normally create a new partition or select an existing partition to install the OS. But now what I see is 4 entries of <unknown disk> with the description of something like "no drive detected," so basically the setup is not detecting my SATA drive. I get a BSOD immediately after this.

I did some reading on google and this website and decided to go for the nLite installation of my SATA drivers. When I boot up, I see a short notice after the BIOS dialogue that I am using VIA VT8237 SATA or something like that. I went to the VIA website and downloaded the VT8237 drivers to my desktop. I loaded up nLite and chose to integrate the x86 driver into the installation (and not any of the other drivers). Then I just made the ISO and then burned it onto a new CD. When I try this newly made CD, I get the same problem: the partition editor screen detects no drives/partitions and then I get a BSOD. If I press F6 prior to the installation I obviously run into a dead end because I have no floppy drive.

My guess is that I did something wrong during the nLite installation. I was following a guide from someone's tech blog (I lost the link) but after doing some more googling I am seeing a lot of variations in the guides. Some say I should disable certain parts and some say there are other files I need to include and blah blah blah so my question is this: what is the one specific process I should follow given my hardware setup?

One 80gig SATA drive

No floppy drive

VIA VT8237 driver

Windows XP Pro SP2

If any of you guys can figure this out I'd be very grateful!

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