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What is "best" version of USER32.DLL and MSVCRT.DLL

98 Guy

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I'm trying to track down a problem with a graphics app that uses OpenGL.

I'm concentrating on 2 different win-98se systems. One one system, the app runs. On the other system, the app doesn't run properly (and upon closing, I get an invalid page fault in module <unknown> message).

I've compared the files in the process list between the two systems, and they differ on two files:

System 1:

user32.dll 4.10.2227

msvcrt.dll 6.10.9844.0

System 2:

user32.dll 4.10.2231

msvcrt.dll 6.10.9359.0

The app runs on System 2, and doesn't run on System 1.

I'm going to swap those files around and see if that fixes the problem, but I've got lots of different versions of those 2 files and was wondering what are the last, or maybe "best" versions of those files?

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IMHO and experience, the best are:

user32.dll v. (and user.exe v., they must always be changed together, of course) and

msvcrt.dll v. 6.1.9848.0

and the are also the most updated. Did they give you any trouble? Have you tried them? They work OK in My machine.

I bet your problem is with the old user32.dll/user.exe pair. The last official ms update is 2231...

See: Q260067, Q262830, Q265115, Q277822 and Q291362. And MDGx's site, of course.

Good luck!

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