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nVidia drivers


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Just a quick question, search results kept giving me a 404 error...

I intagrated[sp] My display drivers, but there not MS certified. will this cause issues???

During install, the window came up for installing the driver anywase, but there was no nVidia driver when it was finished.

So, I got MS Virtual PC and gave my image a try, just for the heck of it, and the warning showed up again.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong????

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It's been my experience that you absolutely need WHQL drivers to integrate in order for the drivers to properly install and be loaded once you boot to the desktop for the first time. I've had trouble integrating beta and non-WHQL drivers, but never with them. It makes no difference if you answer the unsigned driver prompt in the affirmative; they won't be installed when you boot.

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Are you sure ,you integrated the right driver?

During installation ,a window will pop up ,telling the driver is not WHQL.

then Choose install anyway,

if the windows has appeared ,it means it is the right drivers,

did you select the wrong option?

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I dont believe I hit the wrong option, but I will give it a go again and pay close attetion.

I used the drivers I am running now.

When I did the integration, I extracted the driver package to a folder, then told vlite to insert, single driver folder.

I will make one with MS Approved drivers and see what happines also.....

Thanx for the replies.....


It appears it's from the WHQL, just got done trying one with WHQL drivers and it installed just like I wanted......

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