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Microsoft PhotoDraw

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I recently purchased a new digital camera (Canon G7) and my PhotoDraw program which works fine otherwise and has no problem opening digital images other than those from my new camera sends an error message: "PhtoDraw cannot access this file. It may be damaged." but the preview shows before opening and the files can be opened with other programs. I happen to like PhotoDraw and have many .mix files that I use for my presentations. Can anyone help me?


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My new camera saves the photos as JPEG files. My other programs have no trouble opening them. Microsoft PhotoDraw can open my older photos (also JPEG files) from previous cameras as well as other jpegs from the internet, etc. but will show the photos from my new camera in preview form but gives me an error message saying that the file has been corrupted when I know that it has not. Thanks for replying to my question. In all other respects, I like using PhotoDraw.

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I am totallly not familiar with your software product. However, one thing that comes to mind is that perhaps this is a jpeg2000 format issue. It uses .jpg file extensions and so on, but is a bit different.

First things first i'd check with microsoft website if there is any jpg plugins for your program.

To cut to the chase: id get hold of XnView, a outstanding image viewing program, available in multiple languages and versions including portable, and open the picture from there and select properties and see what format it is.

Also you can export to the various jpg formats. It might not be jpeg2000 but being as you can preview them newer but not older, something definitively is a bit weird ;)

You should get Xnview anyway if you dont have it. Could possibly try to open files in Gimp as well.

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I now this is in old topic, but certainly not redundant as so many folks still use Photodraw.

I found this problem to be directly related to file size. In my case, I have found that by reducing the file size by way of reducing the picture size, Photodraw is happy.

Example ...

Original Photo - Will not open in Photodraw

4000x2307 Pixels

DPI 72

File size 5.6Mb

Resized Photo - Will open in Photodraw

2401x1385 Pixels

DPI 72

File size 2.97Mb

I found that by keeping the file size below 3Mb I do not have anymore problems. My camera is a Nikon D3100.

I had to started using Photoshop due to this problem with Photodraw, but after finding out the problem - just use Photoshop to re-size using a fractal resizer plugin and then continue with Photodraw. Where Photoshop is far more powerful, I find Photodraw fits my requirements better.

Hope this helps someone

ADDED: Found this which I have applied and works perfectly now - no resize required. Apparently this is an Official Microsoft Fix

* Graffics Filter file JPEGIM32.FLT has been damaged, corrupted, or is missing entirely, possibly as a result of some software overwriting the correct version, which they are apparently unwilling to specify.

Their solution is to rename the filter file (in the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Grphflt\ directory) with a .old extension and reinstall the correct version either from the Office CD or the OS CD.

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