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Daylight savings time


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Each month the new KB updates are added to a folder which is used to have nlite make a CD that is current. In researching my problem,I found there is KB 937143 and the KB 933566 which was obsoleted KB 937143. The intergeneration works correctly with both KBs and no known problems. I added the KB 942763 to the folder without deleting Kb 933360. This the new and the previous daylight time change updates. There were no indications of errors integrating these KBs. After the OS install with this updated CD. The system would not change to daylight saving time. The nlite can not integrate the two KBs correctly or ignore the obsoleted KB 933360 and just install the current KB 942763. The file C:\windows\system32\tzchange.exe was not installed. Unfortunately simply replacing this file did not fix the DST problem. Removing KB 933360 and then nlite can correctly incorporate the KB 942763. Then the DST time change works correctly. It is probably best to remove KB 928388 and KB 931836 which are older time change files. May this information be of help to someone.

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