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Has anyone been able to install IE8 beta on Vlite install?

Bilar Crais

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There is nothing wrong with the sp1(6001.1800).it works great for me , but i didnt integrate IE8 via Vlite ,i created my own install.wim with Dreamscene , IE8 integrated ,and some software such as Vista codecs ,and Nero installed ,it worked all right ,and i removed the SPeech support ,but office2007 sp1 installed and works all right , ,by the way i am running vista 32

Never said there's anything wrong with SP1. What you did, I'm presuming, is a completely different way of doing it, ie. doing a Reverse Integration type install (where you install the OS first) but just to install stuff in it (Dreamscene, IE8, Nero, Vista Codecs etc.) and then sysprep/imagex to make a new .wim. What they wanted to do was integrate it directly (using vlite or manually with pkgmgr) to the original install.wim from MS and the issue was it wasn't getting installed (even though it integrated fine) when installing the OS. I haven't tried it personally so I don't know the specifics but my guess about that issue was in my previous post.

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