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ZoneAlarm Free v7.0.462


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I can confirm that on the newest version of ZoneAlarm Free (7.0.473) the silent install switches are working

zaZA_Setup_en.exe /s /i /noreboot

does a silent install, but it looks like it also installs the "ZoneAlarm Spy Blocker" toolbar in Internet Explorer

Does any one know if theres a way to disable its installation ?

If you can't install without IE toolbar, try to uninstall it after.

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To uninstall the toolbar (after zonealarm is installed) run the following command:

"%PROGRAMFILES%\ZoneAlarmSB\bar\1.bin\Z4highin.exe" spyblock.dll,O -3

After running the command only 2 files will remain, but these, and the "%PROGRAMFILES%\ZoneAlarmSB" will be removed with the next reboot.

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Thanks, but will it "Silent" uninstall it ?

I mean with no message prompts/confirmations ?

Yes, but if you remove "-3" from the commandline it will ask you to uninstall or not.

One other thing "spyblock.dll,O" is with a capital "o", not a 0 (zero), at the end.

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