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Another Sysprep OOBE problem


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Hi, i know i made a other topic yesterday, but this is a new problem (and i found the solution to my previous problem myself and posted it in that topic)

Anyway, i have 1 pc that syspreps perfectly, boots up to the correct user and all... everying in the oobe is automatic.

now, i have a another series of laptops, i installed vista on it with the cd included with the laptops, it's a multilangual cd (French / dutch)

I made a autoattend file , i use the correct windows install media to create this new xml file, i do everything like with the other working file i have but with this version of vista i doesn't seem to work

when i boot after sysprep it asks me in what language i want windows and then asks username, and so on ... so apparantly it ignores the xml file .. :/

Has anyone got an idea ? First i thought i was because the cd was different so i added it in my WSIM so i'm using the correct image...

thx for any suggestion

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ok ! i found what the problem was ... :)

in my windows map there was a \panther folder with some config xml's too and it overriden my custom one... i removed the panther folder and voila ;)

topic can be closed (if applicable on this forum)

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