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I prefer neither. I would simply go for integrating the hotfixes. As for tools such as nLite, they take too much of my control over my project away in my humble opinion, hence I prefer to use HFSLIP, my own scripts and packages.

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I integrate Xable's light post-SP2 update pack into my Windows source with nLite.

Personally, then i don't care about the optional or unofficial updates and just want's the high-priority updates installed as also is recommended by Microsoft themselves here in this Windows Update FAQ :

Q. Do I need to install optional updates?

A. No. Optional updates address minor issues or add non-critical functionality to your computer. It is more important to install high-priority updates so that your computer gets the latest critical and security-related software.

For people that also want's the optional and unofficial updates + other extra's additionally, then RyanVM's post-SP2 update pack is a very good choise :) (i have linked to his latest beta pack announcement, which is up-to-date)

Edit: Sorry, i have just reread the post, and now see that the OP is after a manual solution, so in that case, then IMHO there is only one way to best do this, and that's to use WUD to download the post-SP2 updates and then to use svcpack.inf to get them installed at T-13 during Windows setup.

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