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firewall/Sygate issue


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i finally decided to install XP x64 installs fine, drivers are working..

now i just need a firewall that works.. the Sygate-Personal-Firewall-Pro-v5.6-(Build-3408) installs but does not start...

anyone know of one that will work or how to fix the sygate problem..

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Sygate firewall wont work on X64, it installs in the WOW but wont run, i use Comodo Pro and i must say its as good as sygate(if your a control freak like me;), but it needs to learn what programs and processes are safe or not, but generally its good and has a glossy interface much like recent linux variants or Vista(crap OS).

It prompts when a process starts that hasn't been given permissions and to date it has blocked 2 hijack attempts on my system. :thumbup

There are not many firewalls for Winxp64, and this one is free for personnel use. :thumbup

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