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If i would want to install SP1


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as title says

what should i NOT remove to have SP1 working?

there is a topic somwhere in this forum that details these things.From my own experience i can say:

Welcome Center

Security Center

Display Drivers

Audio Drivers..are safe to remove.

WinSAT(performance index)...removing this will result in SP1 install failiure.

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alright thanks. i remember that post n all, but thought maybe there were a few things i could still remove

while i love having components removed and certain settings taken care of, theres always something that keeps pulling me back to retail disk.

i loved my last install i did just a few days ago,very stripped down but noticed OS was a bit laggy for some reason, even with prefetch still on

then installed vlilte to redo some things and WM imager thing wasnt working properly and caused a BSOD when i opened vlite and imported the OS copy...odd, likely i removed too much causing problems. plus the idea of not being able to use SP1 when it comes out is a bummer

why do you curse me MS?

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