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VB launching application within its own folder

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Hi, I'm trying to make a program where it launches a .exe from within the same folder as which the program is being run. So say if the program gets installed to D:\program files\etc and then the program is run and you click one of the options to launch another .exe thats in that same folder how would you do it without using the full path e.g. Shell "D:\program files\etc\otherprogram.exe"

But so it just runs the otherprogram.exe from the same folder that the main program is installed to.

Because the user may not install it to the D: or the C: drive. I hope this makes sense.

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There is a relatively easy fix for this one. If you are using any one of many installer file creators you can have the program check the registry to find the installation path that the user chose.

If you re coding the installer yourself, just make sure it creates an "Installatio Directory" value in the directory.

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