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  1. i'm looking for a way to install avast without chrome and the toolbar, and preferabele a way to customize what gets installed. for now i discoverd that running avast_free_setup.exe creates a folder in temp, where instup.exe get executed with the following arguments: "instup.exe /sfx /sfxstorage:"D:\Temp\avastinst\" /edition:1 /prod:ais" Anyone who knows more switches to configure the install?
  2. is it possible to use one unattended.xml for both Windows 7 and 2008 R2, which are on the same disk? i merged windows 7 and 2008 R2 and put the (uncompressed) iso on USB stick now i want to set for example the following things: Windows 7: Computername, User, Organisation Create user Skip OOBE Set resolution Windows 2008 Computername (different from previous one) User Organisation Set administrator password Set resolution for both: add sata drivers for harddisk detection anyone who can help me with this, i'm new at the new image method, and this one is radically different compared to the XP answer file
  3. for most cd's that could work but i have some cd's with a different name (not the original)
  4. i'd like to know how nLite detects the OS information (build numbers e.t.c.) since i have a couple of burned cd's with an version of windows.. but copying every cd to harddisk is a pain in the a**. any who knows?
  5. VB.net has a special variable for it: My.Application.Info.DirectoryPath() returns the path where the executable that calls it is located
  6. first try to get used to scripting with javascript php is fairly easy to learn but its also VERY easy to make applications with HUGE security holes in it.
  7. i want to read things like framerate, video- and audiobitrate etc properties from a videofile (different extensions: MKV, MPG, AVI, OGM etc), something like GSpot codec analyser i cant find any example on internet on how to do that how do i do that in VB.net? anyone who can give me info on this?
  8. because the basic GetFiles() method of VB.net wasn't good enough for me i build my own function in order to do what i needed Description: the Getfiles() method of VB.net can only handle one fileextension and crashes when it tries to read from system volume information or a Reparsepoint i thought of my own solution to that problem: build a function that searches a given directory for files that match a give Regular expression, and skip folders which you enter Usage searchFileSystem(path As String,searchPattern As String,searchOption As IO.SearchOption) As ArrayList path = a path (i.e. c:\) searchstring = a regular expression (i.e. .*?\.(avi|ogm|mkv|mpg|mp3|rar|mp4|mpeg|txt)$ for matching files with one of the extensions) SearchOption = wheter to search only the topmost directory or also search in the subdirectory's inside the function it also has a reference to an array which contains the folders where NOT to search If excluded.BinarySearch(d.Name) < 0 Then excluded is in my function a Arraylist Language VB.net i included a file thats not directly usable, you have to implement it in your own code. i did include a few lines of code to show how u could use it it might not be the best code availble but since i couldnt find any function that did it this way i build it myself. (one of my very first VB.net things ) SearchfileSystem.zip

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