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Looking for good website templates


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Well, this is my website www.nerwin.net

But i just can't find no templates, i am too dumb to make one my self cause i dont know how really and it takes a lot of time that i dont have, or just dont feel like doing it.

anyways, Ive just been looking and looking around the net to see if a good one would pop-up, but none.

but i what i am looking for is:

* clean & easy to use

* simple design, with blue and maybe some shadows.

* Links on top or under the header of the website.

* kind of web 2.0 looking :D

* or what ever looks good to you, just let me know so i could see it.

I want the website to be my personal site.

like have my guitar stuff on there, some images, school stuff, technology reviews, you know all that good stuff, oh and videos :D

If anyone has any other ways, like portals, blogs, i do have a blog, but i dont think blogs have what i want. But portals i will look into. but i have before i couldent find any good templates either.

But thanks everyone, i hope i am not wasting your time!

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Well you seem to be running the latest version of Drupal along with the completely awesome new theme that comes with it. I love it! Are you wanting a new theme/template to run on Drupal? The this.

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I can't find a good theme for drupal, I just don't know what to use. yes.. the style is very important to me :)

It needs to be, blue, black or gray, either one.

also its needs to be 3 columns, one on each side and the content page in the middle


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You can configure the number of columns for most of the Drupal themes with the theme's options page. So find one that has a color scheme you like and then delve deeper to see if it has options for the layout you want.

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How much PHP/HTML programming have you done? I recently updated the theme on my site (http://zxian.org) just by modifying some of the base theme code. You might have a better time figuring out what each function in WordPress does, and then piecing each of those parts together. If you'd like a bit of help, just let me know. It's worth it to setup a test template that's a copy of one of the current templates (take the default as an example), and then start removing bits and pieces to see what each does. :)

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