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Help - hotfix integration method and order


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I need to re-install my PC but I want to integrate all the hotfixes and updates into the install files so I don't need to download from Windows update post install. I then plan to create an unattended install disk so I can fire it up and walk away, rather than clicking my way through the install which requires my continued intervention... Trying to install software with a 2 year old demanding attention is nigh on impossible... :thumbup

However this is my first venture into slipstreaming/ integration. :blink:

I am running Windows XP Home SP2. SP2 is integrated already into the install disk. I have used Windows Updates Downloader to download all hotfixes, updates and tools available and tried to use nLite to integrate them all.

I got loads of error messages about switches, integration not possible, etc, etc. I am guessing that only some of the items WUD retrieves can be integrated. However how do I know which of them can and what do I do with those that can't???? :wacko:

If I cannot integrate them all and I still have to connect to Windows update after install then I will not achieve much other than a silent WinXP install.

Of the files retrieved by WUD how do I tell what can and cannot be integrated, the method I use to integrate and the order I integrate them? I know there are issues with pre- and post-SP2 hotfixes and updates - what I am not sure but think it is to do with switches...

Any suggestions? I know there are a number of ways that things can be integrated/ installed. One is the SVCPACK.INF route. Would this be the better route for me? However, again what order do I install them and what do I do about tools that have no Q or KB number?

I guess this is a regular request but any help would be gratefully appreciated.



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Your in the swamp with me :)

This should be interesting:


At the moment i have found no good source for getting all needed hotfixes for XP home SP2.

So i went the hard way... reinstall the OS and while installing hotfixes i take notes...

You may want to try this: go to windows updates website (www.update.microsoft.com)

And try the "Review Your Updates History" If you see over 80 updates,

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I finally got my integration to work. I have been at it for 5 days. I have read forum after forum and have learned a lot. It is not as easy as everyone thinks.

My 1st attempt was Nlite and the hotfixes from WUD (windows update download). Numerous errors and reboots.

Tried RVM Integrator and his update pack. Failures with that also. Reboots and blue screens. Did Nlite with the RVM pack. same mixed results.

Went to Nlite and the SVCPACK. inf method. At least got the OS installed, BUT Qfecheck and Belarc showed 93 hotfixs and 21 needed reinstall.

I lost track of the number of OS install I did. (I didn't want to due a virtual disk), because I had another comp I could play with.

Went back to Nlite and the pack from RVM. Made some adjustments to the Nlite for unattended and component removal.

It went great!!! Belarc and Qfecheck confirm all updates ok.

I am now working on integrating an additional 18 hotfixes and some addons.

Start with a clean XP install saved on the HD. Use Nlite and integrate the SP2. Then integrate the RVM pack under the addon section.

Good luck.

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Dude, if you're having problems with the RVM Integrator, you might be doing something wrong. Mixed with the PowerPacker and DriverPacks you should have great results. Though, I have had some issues in the path with one or the other I know the RVM Integrator is solid at the moment (I use it all the time), as is PowerPacker these days. DriverPacks are going through some really cool improvements and should give great results also.

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