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  1. I need to re-install my PC but I want to integrate all the hotfixes and updates into the install files so I don't need to download from Windows update post install. I then plan to create an unattended install disk so I can fire it up and walk away, rather than clicking my way through the install which requires my continued intervention... Trying to install software with a 2 year old demanding attention is nigh on impossible... However this is my first venture into slipstreaming/ integration. I am running Windows XP Home SP2. SP2 is integrated already into the install disk. I have used Windows Updates Downloader to download all hotfixes, updates and tools available and tried to use nLite to integrate them all. I got loads of error messages about switches, integration not possible, etc, etc. I am guessing that only some of the items WUD retrieves can be integrated. However how do I know which of them can and what do I do with those that can't???? If I cannot integrate them all and I still have to connect to Windows update after install then I will not achieve much other than a silent WinXP install. Of the files retrieved by WUD how do I tell what can and cannot be integrated, the method I use to integrate and the order I integrate them? I know there are issues with pre- and post-SP2 hotfixes and updates - what I am not sure but think it is to do with switches... Any suggestions? I know there are a number of ways that things can be integrated/ installed. One is the SVCPACK.INF route. Would this be the better route for me? However, again what order do I install them and what do I do about tools that have no Q or KB number? I guess this is a regular request but any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank, Alex
  2. I am a newbie to this Unattended install game. I have read the guide for suggestions for my required install but wondered if anyone could give me some specific guidance. This is what I want to achieve: I have partitioned my 250GB HD as follows: Partition 1: 110 Gig unallocated for future Linux install Partition 2: 15 Gig for Windows install Partition 3: 110 Gig for data partition, profiles, etc Partition 4: 15 Gig Old WinXP install that I want to keep until I get the fresh install up and running OK I have split my HD up so I can store my data on what will be D drive as far as WinXP is concerned (Linux partition not visible to XP). I can then access my data with Linux as well. To be able to put profile and user data onto different "disk" to OS I need to use unattend install with "ProfileDir" in "GuiUnattended" section. I also understand I need to set Autopartion=0 so I can choose the partition to install XP to and Repartition=0 to stop it deleting all partitions and wiping all data.... Beyond this I really don't know what I should or shouldn't do. I plan to integrate all available hotfixes. I am not worried about anything else but I may integrate graphics drivers. I have WinXP Home SP2. Any suggestions or help would be gratefully received. Thanks, Alex

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