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What Is Harder, JavaScript Or PHP?

сообщ. Hey all,

Maybe seems like an odd question to ask but the reason I ask is because I am learning JavaScript which I find fairly hard to pick up and I am going to start learning PHP soon and so I wondered if I am going to find it easier or harder than JavaScript?

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-where to begin, where to begin :unsure: -

JavaScript and PHP are very, very different things. JavaScript is a client-side language, it is interpreted by the browser, and also depends on the browser being able to use javascript and having it turned on. It can be used to manipulate HTML directly, which is called dynamic HTML.

PHP is a serverside language. It runs on the server, and the browser only sees the HTML that PHP serves it; it never sees the PHP itself. PHP can be used for very basic things, or can be immensely complex. It cannot interact directly with the page, e.g. you cannot call a PHP function from clicking a button.

Learn your HTML, CSS and JavaScript first, once you understand them well, move on to PHP. You will need webhosting that supports it, or else have to set up your own webserver.

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they really are different in how you code them to react with things. they do have similarities with how you can write functions for them.. but also you can use php to interact with databases, that is where php gets fun :)

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