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Prompted to Insert Your Windows XP CD-ROM


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I try to add Raid/Sata slipstream into xp for my new Toshiba laptop without floppy, all i did is:

under task selection press drivers and bootable ISO

insert 1 driver (intel ich8r/ich9r sata raid controller) from floppy

it successful loaded OS, once you try to add new hardware or run Microsoft update, then always popup "Insert your Windows XP Professinal Service Pack 2 CD new".

:( Thanks for any help

:thumbup Problem been Fixed :thumbup

I was installed nLite v1.4 on one of my Chinese XP Pro system and ran slipstream, I rework again on Englisht XP Pro I got it to work!

This is a bug for nLite running on Chinese Windows only!!!

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Fernando1 just reminded me of something that is special with textmode integrations which could break signatures even on 1.4 so if someone is having this issue and wants to test the fix PM me for the link.

This applies only if you are using latest nLite, integrating SATA or RAID drivers and still getting SFC popups.

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