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XP VMware and PSExec


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I have a physical XP SP2 box. On it, I have VMWare with a virtual XP machine (bridged). The virtual machine is called vxp1. It is the only virtual machine. I can ping it from the physical XP by ip address and name. And vice-versa. A local admin account exists called admin with a password admin1. I have PSExec on the physical machine. If I type in a cmd from the physical XP box:-

psexec \\vxp1 -p admin -u admin -p admin1 cmd

I get the msg:-

Couldnt access vxp1:

Logon failure: unkown username or password.

Now, the only help I have received is that someone suggested that both machines need to be on a domain and use a domain username.

Is that correct?

If not, what else do I need to get this working?

Hope someone knows!

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Thanks for the reply Cluberti.

I got the same error message again:-

Couldn't access vxp1:

Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password.

It returned the error pretty quick. I powered off the virtual machine and repeated it - the command waited a good while before timing out, indicating that the machine can be seen by psexec. I tried different account/password, being logged in/logged out etc.

Maybe its time to use a different remote exec tool?

Anyone else have success in a similar scenario? Physical XP box logged on as domain user. Running VMWare with a bridged virtual XP machine. Virtual XP machine is not on domain (not allowed to add it), only has its own local accounts.

Thanks for reading.

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Are you sure you have the right username and password? Can you map a drive to the VM using that IP address, and that username and password?

Does psexec work if you specify HOSTNAME\admin as the username?

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