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  1. Sussed it. Needed to turn off simple file sharing. .
  2. Thanks for the reply Cluberti. I got the same error message again:- Couldn't access vxp1: Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password. It returned the error pretty quick. I powered off the virtual machine and repeated it - the command waited a good while before timing out, indicating that the machine can be seen by psexec. I tried different account/password, being logged in/logged out etc. Maybe its time to use a different remote exec tool? Anyone else have success in a similar scenario? Physical XP box logged on as domain user. Running VMWare with a bridged virtual XP machine. Virtual XP machine is not on domain (not allowed to add it), only has its own local accounts. Thanks for reading.
  3. I have a physical XP SP2 box. On it, I have VMWare with a virtual XP machine (bridged). The virtual machine is called vxp1. It is the only virtual machine. I can ping it from the physical XP by ip address and name. And vice-versa. A local admin account exists called admin with a password admin1. I have PSExec on the physical machine. If I type in a cmd from the physical XP box:- psexec \\vxp1 -p admin -u admin -p admin1 cmd I get the msg:- Couldnt access vxp1: Logon failure: unkown username or password. Now, the only help I have received is that someone suggested that both machines need to be on a domain and use a domain username. Is that correct? If not, what else do I need to get this working? Hope someone knows!
  4. Thanks for replying, I'll investigate.
  5. I took the easy route of using NLite to create a Windows 2000 Pro unattended CD. I haven't removed any components but used it to integrate hotfixes and drivers plus the usual configuration of admin acct, passwords, product keys etc. It works no probs. I now want to be able to create 2 partitions automatically prior to the installation. I have seen the diskpart utility and understand the procedure to create a script to select disk, create size, assign letter etc. How would I integrate this within my current Nlite-modified Windows 2000 source folder? Any other ways of approaching this? All links/details gratefully received! Thanks, Gorman
  6. It's part of a test/reference kit, so not part of a day-to-day working system. The kit has not been used for a while, but is about to get used in the future, with some duplicate test kits to be created too (1DC + 2 clients). Noone left knows much about its configuration - I have the lovely job of finding out....! My only safe plan so far is to borrow a temp pc, make this a secondary root domain, upgrade original machine then replicate back. I'd like to leave the conguration info in a better state for the next guy though, so, anyone here know how to start capturing all the necessary dc info? Again - Is it "simply" a case of scripting the OUs, groups, user accounts plus exporting the security policy? Ta.
  7. I have been given a Win 2000 Server domain controller to look after. I know little about them - yet. Thats about to change as I also have to upgrade this PC with a new CPU and motherboard. There is little info available on this DC configuration and I suspect I will end up rebuilding it from scratch. I have little expectation of being able to power it back up, detect some new hardware and install drivers, reconfigure network settings and voila! Yeah right.... I thought I'd go the whole hog and try and create an unnattended setup. What info do I need to export from the DC to recreate it? Note and script the OU configuration. Export the security policy. Thats all I can think of at present.... Any pointers to some websites, tools, tips to get me on the way would be greatly appreciated.

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