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Compatibility Tab Missing


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I trimmed down x86 Vista Ultimate (dell) and now I've noticed I don't have the Compatibility tab...

I seem to have the Application Experience service, so I really don't know what I may have removed that is causing the problem.

Anyone know what else this feature is dependent on?

It's one thing I do need in Vista.

-just found out I'm missing "mshta.exe" I have no idea what I removed that deleted it -replaced it, still not working/there.

Removing IE apparently kills it.

Is there anything I can do to get it working again, or am I going to have to start a new vlite trim and start from scratch?

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nuhi are you saying that next version Compatibility tab will be an option to remove or not to remove as it self? can't wait for the next version :) thank you for the link tho i was looking for it hehe... it great to check this forum once a week for ideas off other people..

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