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We are starting a music and graphic design company that will be based largely around the Mac software platform. Me being the "IT" guy I said, well... what about the server end of the system. Most, if not all, of my knowledge is in the Windows and Linux end of the server. I want to know how Apple XServer stacks up against Windows and Linux based backbones of the server.

The reason for this as a query is, like I sated above, because of the fact 90% of the computer that will be in our building will be running OSX. I looked at is as a valid point from a unification standpoint. But I want to know if anyone has any experience with XServer first hand. I am just now learning the basics of OSX to be able to give decent support when needed to customers and other employees when needed.

If you do have experience with it, how stable is it comparatively to other server alternatives? I don't have any specifics on much else as we are still in the planning stages of what we will actually need as far as network hardware is concerned. As I said, most of the people involved would prefer Apple hardware throughout, but me being a Linux nut shut it down as a biased response, kind of like my response was to their statement. :whistle:

One last thing, the monetary aspect should not be used as a deciding factor alone. Though if the pros are in the favor of Linux, it can be an added incentive.

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If money is no object, the XServe is a really good file server in a small package. That said, you're not really paying for much above and beyond a plain-jane server you can get to run Linux or BSD anywhere else other than the niceties of firewire and a good-looking package.

If you're a Mac shop and you're comfortable with OSX, the XServe is a nice product. If you fancy yourself smart enough to buy a comparable x86 or x64 piece of hardware and install Linux or BSD, you'll get pretty much the same performance and interoperability out of that box too (remember, OSX is ultimately a BSD underneath with a very pretty skin and some Mac-ish smarts on top). Ultimately, it depends on how much you want Mac hardware at the back-end of your shop - if you run Mac's, an XServe is a no-brainer if cost isn't a problem.

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