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[RELEASE] Vista Source Patcher 0.1 beta 1


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Vista Source Patcher 0.1 beta

Vista Source Patcher patches your Microsoft Windows Vista Source with all the beautiful wonderful resources available with Vize.


- imagex.exe

- Vize

Known Issues:

Please give feedback on any issues you comes across.


- I am not accountable for any problems/issues using Vista Source Patcher or any previous releases may cause your system, the only way any issues would occur is through user misuse, and if you are unaware of how to use this release correctly you should consult these forums for advice.

Download Mirrors:

Primary Mirror Windows Live SkyDrive

Mirrors Needed!

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I don't know what vize is because your site's links require javascipt enabled. I use noscript and I don't usually go to sites that require js. Not that I expect you to change your site for me because I'm too lazy to allow your domain but there are plenty of other people who use it too. Just fyi.

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Hell yeah, I want x64 Vize :P

:blink: Vista Source Patcher is to include Vize resources in Vista source, so you can burn an ISO with Vize integrated. Nothing to do with x64.

Well then, don't I feel like an id*** :P

Source patcher implies to me that it is a patcher that dynamically patches the resources in the file, thus being x64 compatible automatically. Maybe you should call it something like Vize WIM Patcher or something.

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Vize WIM Patcher

x64 uses wim files aswel... so would still imply it can patch x64 systems.

Sorry we are very close to getting a 64bit patcher ready but not quite yet.

And rest assured, if Vista Source Patcher is not integrated into Vize by the time 64bit support is possible I will release a version that will do it.


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Seems the running platform for it isn't lower than Vista :whistle:

I consider about adding a Vista beneith the xpMCE on C: and the Evaluation install Win2K3_Ent D: ;)

Cause my processor supports 64Bit i will use the disk with them :) But what is more interest: Server2K8 (RC) or UltimateVista (Full License of course)

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