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Slipstream Win XP Pro Upgrade Disc To Win XP Home With SP 2


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Is there any way possible to combine the two cds to install XP pro with home edition instead of having to upgrade every time? Both copies are legit so im curious if theres a way to do this. If theres no way how would i go about my install for least amount of issues?

1.Install norma XP Home SP1, Then Install XP Pro with Slipstreamed SP2/Hot fixes

2.Install Home Slipstreamed and hotfixed then upgrade to XP pro

Trying to consolidate everything to one install if its possible. Do you think if i contacted microsoft for a windows XP pro with sp 2 cd they would deliver?

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Hi I guess it's possible. Previously I burnt a cd with (1) XP SP Home Edition & (2) XP SP Professional Edition (Both on one 650 MB CD). It is possible cos I've made Windows 2003 - 3 versions on one normal cd of 700 MB (1) Windows 2003 (Data Center), (2) Windows 2003 (Web Server) & (3) Windows 2003 (Enterprise Edition). I also made another cd with (1) Windows 98 SE & (2) Windows XP SP 2 on one normal cd. Right now I don't have the tutorials (as I am at office). If you keep in touch I'll send you the tutorials within a couple of days. Till then you can go to www.ezbsystems.com for creating like such cds. Hope it will help you.



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