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Clean Windows 98SE Installation?


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I want to install windows 98 SE on my old laptop with all the updates but without gui stuff like revolution pack ..etc.

so what should i do in steps?

1.Format Harddisk

2.Install Windows 98SE

3.Install Drivers

4.Install Unofficial SP2

5.Install 98SE2ME

6.Install Native USB Drivers






is that ok? is there any better steps?

show me the correct way


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Have a look at these threads:




This is not necessarily the final word, or a complete index of threads on this subject.

Just a few I found and bookmarked. There may be others. Feel free to add your favorites.

This question gets asked so often, I think it would be a good candidate for a 'sticky'.

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is that ok? is there any better steps?

show me the correct way

The correct way is to just install it from CD and then get the official updates that Microsoft provides on their update page.

There normally is no need to install any unofficial packs or other unofficial stuff unless you really need it (or want it desperately), e.g. if you have an USB device that doesn't seem to work with its original drivers (or there aren't any) you could try the Maxim USB drivers but apart from that the best way to go is to just install the official updates and leave it at that.

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I trust Microsoft less than the unofficial packs. Microsoft makes mistakes constantly, with one update screwing up another, and the update needing one or two updates of its own. The forums and unofficial packs save time, and let me know which updates have been superceded and can be ignored. It's much harder to squeeze that kind of info out of Microsoft.

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