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WPI Config screen -item select hi-light

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Hello all,

Is it possible to do the following,

When you go to the config screen and you click on an item in the left pane(the list of software/tasks) to display it's properties can you have the selected item hilight ??

This would help quite a lot.

Thankyou for your time


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Hmmm never thought of it before I suppose it would be possible to do as changing the font size to a size bigger or smaller as the mouse hovers over it. We could prolly do it in a css file I will have to see what I can do.

Definatly a worthy idea though.

What i was thinking was more of the whole selected item in the list was hilighted eg say with a darker blue background

to make it easier to see which item you are editing.

Thankyou for the reply.


Your software rocks....well done and thankyou for all the effort you have put in.


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This was on my wishlist from a while back. I know there are probably more elegent solutions, I was having trouble maintaining the highlight while tabbing around on the page without creating the highlightlink funtion. All changes I made are in the configwizard.js. The colors and fonts could certainly be moved to the css file for consistency. Below is my implementation:

Changes in function CreateNavigation(). I have accesskey to directly access the links in the list but they conflict with current implementation of hotkeys...I still use the Ctrl+? for my hotkeys. I also use the UID so you will highlight entries that are not unique:

From this:

txt += '<td valign="top"><a class="opTxt" onClick="JumpToEntry(' + i + ')">' + configList[i].prog + '</a></td>';

To this:

txt += '<td valign="top"><a class="opTxt" href="java script:JumpToEntry(' + i + ')" id="'+ configList[i].uid + '" accesskey="'+ configList[i].prog.substring(0,1) + '";>' + configList[i].prog + '</a></td>';

Add as the last line of function FillInConfig(CreateNav,pos) to call the new highlightlink function:


Finally, add the new function. Not called in the link itself as it lost focus as I tabbed around the config page to change values for this item:

function highlightlink(pos)	//Tony add...Highlight link persistently even when link doesn't have focus

var regularColor='black';
var hoverColor='purple';
var selectedColor='yellow';
var anchors = document.getElementsByTagName('a');

for (var i=0; i < document.anchors.length; i++)
if (document.anchors[i].id==document.getElementById("uid").value)
document.anchors[i].style.color = regularColor;
document.anchors[i].style.backgroundColor = selectedColor;
document.anchors[i].style.backgroundColor = "";
document.anchors[i].style.color = regularColor;
document.anchors[i].onmouseover = new Function("this.style.color = \"" + hoverColor + "\";");
document.anchors[i].onmouseout = new Function("this.style.color = \"" + regularColor + "\";");


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