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Vlited Vista sp1 performance ?


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Hello ppl,

i use vlite for vista without sp1 and it surely gives much improvements on my system.

My sys is old and has 786 SD RAM,1.5 Ghz P4,120 GB HD

when i installed vista without vlite and then installed sp1..i found my pc goin slower that it was without sp1..

when in future release of vlite...after integrating sp1 thru it...will same thing happen.

i mean will performance on pc will go down for a vlited vista sp1 than a vlited vista(without sp1) ??

are there some serious tweaks which will help me up!! (i know abt services shhutdown and stuff which is all over internet ,any thing new !!)



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I think that sp1 is very important to install

and new ver of vlite could make the big diff

and u may get lost performance back

but vista without sp1 is very unstable i dont recommend to install it

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