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Hi, a have nlited XP....and a want to know is there any way to disable creating documents and setting and that files ( ntuser.dat and so on ) move to some folde in system32 for exaple ....a dont use start menu so often....so that can be disabled too...

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there is a soloution to this somewhere in the "msfn" forums. Also if you don't mind doing this after the installation process, there is a good post on the bold fortune forums.

But i think that both of these soloutions are to remove just the shared docs folders. i think that you will need a "user directory" somewhere else the os may function incorrectly as it (the registry etc) will be confused as to which user is logged on. But it is possible to change the directory either by right clicking on my documents folder and changing the location in the locations tab (i think thats what its called) or using the unattended part of nlite to do it perhaps as i know you can change the location of the programs folder.

I have just had a good idea why not put the documents and settings folder ona usb - this way everything will function and you wouldn't be constantly reminded of ms's lack of user options that it provides.

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