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Quick Windows reinstallation


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Hello, windows became unstable and slow, can anyone tell me how to reinstall windows

quickly and without losing any data? I read somewhere that it's possible to install

windows in the unattended mode. How's that? What's needed for that?

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I suggest you backup you files before you do anything.

To reinstall windows or do a repair install or an "unattended" install you will need a Windows CD or install source.

I reccomend having a secondary partition or hard disk where you keep your import files seperate from the OS in the case of viruses, disk failures, or when windows becomes corrupted and requires a reformat.

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You can easily install Windows in the unattended mode. Only you gotta have brains for that ;)

here's an extract from the manual on unattended installation

This manual is for the following groups of IT specialists:

* IT specialists responsible for deploying device drivers on client computers working under

Windows Vista or Windows Server Longhorn.

* IT specialists engaged in planning and analyzing the information infrastructure and

evaluating the features of Windows Vista and Windows Server Longhorn.

* Security specialists responsible for protecting computer environments.

* Administrators who would like to get acquainted with the technology described in this manual.

read carefully, might work out for you as well.

There are different ways to go in case of unattended installation:

1. free, but difficult (do it all manually, read stuff, get into details)

Unattended Windows installation manual.


2. paid and easy:

Almeza Multiset


Way back I tried both, now I have this one DVD from MultiSet

unattended windows installation + all the rest (drivers, service packs, software)

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hmm that software seems to specialize in unattended features, whereas nlite/vlite has unattended support, hotfix/driver integration and component removal. I don't really call that spam since it was a helpful and relevant answer :)

I suggest you look at our MSFN Unattended Guide


and nLite / vLite, the official support forums are here at MSFN :)



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"@ somebody

Shut up with your spam. f***er

YOu only got 1 post in the forum, and it for spamming your software.

/me looks at albator in dismay.... This is definitely a post I would NEVER thought you could come up with :blink:


Read the "Unattended Windows 2000/XP/2003" threads here: http://www.msfn.org/board/Unattended_Windo...P_2003_f70.html and the nLite threads here: http://www.msfn.org/board/nLite_f89.html to get you started. In either case, make sure you have a full backup of the files you want to preserve, be it on a different partition on your hard-disk, an external hard-disk, or even CD's / DVD's. If you run into any problems, just come back here and ask. Oh, and welcome to msfn :hello:

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if u have a problem with ur system it cause slowly worked, u can repair ur system with ur system CD, if ur system in Windows XP repair with below way:

go to Start--- Run

write cmd and then click OK

u see CMD windows opened ........

put ur system Cd in ur CD-rom drive and in CMD windows write sfc/scannow then click enter. wait untill the windows apeared after

ur click finished then restart ur system

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