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BDD & WDS problem


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Hello guys,

We allready use RIS for a long time now with succes, but I thought it was time to try something new.

I've set up a test environment in our company with BDD & WDS in VMWARE.

I've installed BDD/WDS/WAIK on a Windows 2003 Standard server, and followed the Quick Start for BDD 2007 but I didn't use the Vista stuff but XP SP2.

After I did all the steps from this guide I imported the winpe wim file in WDS.

After this I made a new virtual machine and booted with F12, everything looked ok but I now get:


What am I doing wrong, nothing happens :(

I also like to know if it's possible to use WDS like the old RIS, we allways installed a pc and then runned Riprep.

I couldn't find a solution to do this in WDS yet anybody knows this?

Thanks in advance!



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I didn't get so far as getting it booting with F12, did you do anything to get that or is it just the PXE-NIC-thingy? Anyhow, to answer your question: WDS has several modes, mixed, native and legacy, I think you need the last one. :)

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Your problem likely has to do with the amount of memory assigned to your VM. PE2 will boot and run on 256mb but it is much happier with 512. Even diskpart will not run correctly unless you have 384mb or more. At least not without making significant reductions and changes to PE.

If you are looking for info on creating WIMs of XP I made a guide for doing this, http://www.msfn.org/board/GUIDE_Creating_W...st&p=674778

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