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Help With Xpize


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Hi am trying to make my custom xpize installation.

Extracted the file XPize46SCR.zip....

changed all the icons i wanted.....with all the sizes16,24,32,48,64,72,96 &128(only XP,no 16 & 256 colors)

compiled the Installer.nsi script....got some errors.....coz i didnt had the upx installed....installed upx and changed the default path of the output file which seemed to be in documents folder of some user...

"C:\Documents and Settings\Merom\Desktop\${PRODUCT_NAME} ${PRODUCT_VERSION}.exe"

changed it to "C:\${PRODUCT_NAME} ${PRODUCT_VERSION}.exe"

the installer got compiled perfectly without any errors....

but when i installed it i cudnt see any of the icons i changed.....mainly i changed the icons in the directory shell32.dll.....which seems to be in 2 places.

XPize46SCR\Full\_FILES\DLL\shell32.dll and


changed both of them.....compiled about 3-4 times but same results.

the changed icons are there in the installed resources of xpize directory : C:\WINDOWS\XPize\Resources\shell32.dll

but nothing has been changed....no icon no dialog....

what am i doing wrong ......anyone got a clue?

it took me 4 days to create and change all those custom icons....and am all f****d up here.

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it worked with the XIS but it does not have the xpize settings in the control panel....

any way to get over this problem??

Heres screenshot of some of the icons i have created....planning to do more if this works right and may be a public release of the shellpack


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  • 2 weeks later...

guys am still struggling to complete this....

But this is weird....Some icons are not being replaced by Xpize...i dont know why

Xpize is pretty stable and many people are using it so am wondering if its only me who is facing this problem??

for ex- icon 8 and 9 in the shell32.dll ....both are HD icons...9 gets replaced but 8 doesnt

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Sexy icons :P

Check the reshacker script, icon 8 isn't normally patched by XPize, so I bet you havn't changed the reshacker script.

Also, remember, there's two shell32 folders, if you update one you should update the other.


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no i changed the script too.....well that was just one example....there are many icons that have not been changed even my pictures and my music icons are not changed...

i'll put some screenshots for ya to see....thanks for the reply

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